Skyline Beach is a Hip-Hop style venue on the PS2 version of The Urbz. You can unlock it by completing South Side Bridge. If you complete Skyline Beach, you can unlock Gasoline Row.

The VenueEdit

The venue of Skyline Beach is a hip-hop attraction. The job you can get simoleons on is Ferret Taming. You have to press the buttons (X,O and square). You have to watch your sleep and 'needing to go'. You can earn a maximum amount of $520.

The Red RoomEdit

The Red Room is an unlockable club in Skyline Beach. If you have the right amount of reputation and the right style of clothing, you'll be allowed in there. It includes a Hot Tub, a Music Van and 3 seats (or if you americans prefer, couches).


Here is the Skyline Beach goals.

Build enough reputation to unlock Gasoline Row.

Get past The Bouncer to enter The Red Room.

Beat the Ferret Wrassler job.

Beat the Ferret Tamer job.

Beat the Ferret Master job.

Unlock a Skyline Beach social move from Ridiculous D.O.G. (Rap)

Unlock a Skyline Beach social move from Lil' Bit. (Bust A Move)

Beat a job to learn a Gasoline Row social move. (Back Slap)

Beat a job to learn a Central Station social move. (Sign Language)

Beat a job to learn a Kicktail Park social move. (Tag Face)

Defeat the villian Harry Snivel. (With the power social Party Bomb)

Tag an object for Rolanda Skye. (The graffiti wall)

Use a XAMShot on someone here for Cash Monet. (S.A. Loco)